Mitsubishi Fuso Medium Duty Truck Dealership in Chicagoland Illinois, Refrigerated trucks, box trucks, delivery trucks, Mitsubishi Fuso Fe125, Mitsubishi Fuso FE145, Mitsubishi FUso FE180, Mitsubishi Fuso FK260




Visibility panoramic windshield and side windows, large side view mirrors.

Maneuverability tighter turning radius than a MINI Cooper.

Small displacement/high-performance 4P10 diesel, compact 3-liter design with 2-stage turbocharger, piezo injectors for high torque and fuel economy.

Better transmission solution DUONIC® 6-speed automated manual type eliminates torque interruption between shifts and features ECO Mode for higher fuel efficiency.

BlueTec® strict emission compliance while improving fuel efficiency, no engine tuning compromises required.

New frame lighter weight frame, more load capacity, easier body mounting.

Ultra high capacity cooling system with dramatically improved airflow around it and the engine.

In Park,
parking gear locks vehicle in-place.


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