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Advanced Technologies

Some trucks bring together engines and transmissions with little or no engineering partnership between the manufacturers, which can compromise powertrain performance. Not the Canter. Its 4P10 diesel engine and DUONIC transmission are perfectly matched, developed to work together and proven in more than 2 million miles of real-world testing.



The Canter’s turbocharged, dual overhead cam 4-cylinder diesel engine is a technological marvel. Lighter and more compact than traditional diesels, it delivers its flat torque continuously from low through high RPMs, to move payloads more efficiently. It is complemented by a 2-stage turbocharger to produce optimum boost pressure over a wider range

of driving speeds. The more precise fuel metering of Piezo direct injection also helps the engine achieve far greater combustion efficiency and fuel economy.

DUONIC Transmission

Automated manual transmissions have been proven over many years in race cars. Mitsubishi Fuso’s 6-speed DUONIC transmission is the world’s first in a commercial vehicle. It combines the economy of a manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic, with dual clutch actuation and no torque interruption between shifts. It also incorporates the ability to creep in traffic for smoother operation and offers the advantage of ECO mode, upshifting earlier in heavy traffic to consume less fuel.


The engine uses environmentally friendly BlueTec® emissions control technology (also found in Mercedes-Benz automobiles

and Freightliner trucks). BlueTec® treats emissions after they exit the engine using a diesel particulate filter and urea SCR system that meet today’s stringent standards for NOx and CO2 emissions reduction, without the traditional fuel economy penalty. BlueTec® is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

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    Advanced Technologies

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